North Texas Crappie Report 12/10

Winter is right around the corner and the crappie have started their migration to deep water and up area creeks. The recent rains have shut down most of the DFW lakes and streams with high water and flooding. Lately we've been focusing our efforts on the few local lakes that haven't been effected as much. Last weekend our clients had really good success fishing tandem jigs on the cross beam sections of deep water docks. We caught most of our fish suspended 8-16' down. As the temperature continues to drop we'll see more fish showing up in the coming weeks to their usual winter spots. If you guys want to learn how to target winter crappie be sure to book a trip with us ASAP for our Special Winter Rate! It might be cold but the bite is heating up! Thanks for reading and tight lines -  Matt

Galveston Fishing Report 11/19-11/21
Unusually high tides and an approaching cold front had us really searching for the reds and trying to get in all of the fishing that we could before the front passed through on Saturday. The tides were very high and gave up the first clue as to where those marsh donkeys would be hiding out at, the backs of the backs of the marsh! The mullet and the red fish making a meal of them were as far back in the marsh as they could get. Small schools of reds were gathered in the middle of the back lakes and would occasionally give chase to the schools of mullet circling the pools. Water clarity was vary good but the wind made it difficult to spot the fish who were constantly on the move. Gulp under a popping cork was the ticket to hooking up. 

After doing battle with the reds in the marsh, we hooked up with my fishing bud, Gerardo Olmos, and headed to a spot that he suggested we try at night under the lights. Speckled trout was the targeted species but as we found out, plans do not always go the way they are intended to. It was near every cast. Sand trout after sand trout were shaken from hooks to avoid bringing them in the kayak along with their slimy coats. We did manage a few keeper sized speckled trout but I would guess the ratio to be about 25 sand trout to every 1 speckled trout. All great fun regardless!

Waking up to heavy rain and thunderstorms Saturday morning, we decided to cut our trip short and head home. There is no doubt that this last front will change things on the coast so I guess it will be a hunt for the fish on the next trip down. That's half of the fun anyways! Give us a shout on the website below or hit us up on Face Book to come join us on our next adventure......

North Texas Crappie Report- 10/2

Fall is beginning to set in here in North Texas and the cooler temperatures seemed to have triggered the crappie and other game fish to begin feeding up for winter. We are starting to see fish show up in numbers from their summer haunts to more Fall like areas. The bite has been strong with the majority of fish not hesitating before they crush the jig. We've been catching fish off submerged brush and submerged timber with feather jigs and Thermocline Lures soft plastics rigged on a 1/16th oz. jig head. The bite is looking to really heat up this month as more crappie move in daily to feed up for the approaching winter months. If you've ever wanted to catch big slab crappie from a kayak now is the time!         -Matt

Gulf Coast In-Shore Report-  10/2-10/4

Had the chance to get down to Galveston to fish the final event of the 2015 LSKS Red Fish Series. I hit the water early Friday morning to see if I could figure out what the fish were doing in one of my go to spots. The morning started at a high tide that would be falling steadily through the day. Reds were scattered in the marsh drains and feeding on shrimp. I had a limit by before 7am but it was a small one. These fish wouldn't be earning me a paycheck! I was not concerned as I had located an area holding lots of upper slot reds just a few weeks before.

Arrived at the launch the next morning with friend and fishing partner, Gerardo Olmos, with plenty of time to rig boats and gear. This is the way I prefer things. I absolutely hate rushing through things getting on the water! I headed directly to the back of the marsh where I had left them biting just a few weeks before. As I approached the area, I could tell that my gut feeling was right and these fish had no reason to have moved on over the past few weeks. I could hear the feeding frenzy long before I reached the action. I spotted the pod crushing shrimp as they tried to escape from the flooded grass along the shoreline. The first cast produced a vicious strike! From the drag screaming off the reel, I could tell this was going to be either in the upper slot or busting it! Just under 27"....PERFECT! This spooked the pod and they moved into the middle of the small back lake they had been feeding in. The first cast with a popping cork and I was hooked up again. Another just under 27" and it wasn't even 7am yet. I finished off my limit of reds with a 21" fish site casted off of the edge of the shoreline grass. All in all it was a great weekend of fishing even though I missed the weigh in by 3 minutes..... - Joe

DFW Area Crappie Report - 8/27

 Hit one of my favorite spots for fall crappie today, and guess what?? They were home! As luck sometimes has it the first spot I stopped at was loaded with nice slab crappie averaging about 12". All fish were caught jigging artificial hand-tied jigs in standing timber. Most fish thumped the jig very hard once you got it in their zone. Kept 10 sizable slabs for the dinner table and left the rest for you! The fall pattern should remain good for several months. If you're curious about crappie fishing from a kayak let the LSKG get you on the right track! -  Matt

Galveston Bay 8/14/2015-8/16/2015

I'm sure by now that several of you reading this have seen the great video that Matt posted of him fighting and landing a huge black drum! Well, it was a good weekend of fishing and here is how the rest of it went.....
It started off with the hunt to find out where the reds were holding out at. Typically I would find them in the backs of the marshes during a high tide this time of year but they were not there to be found. Lots and lots of mullet in the back lakes and mud flats of the marsh but nothing eating them. When we did find the reds, and we certainly did, they were scattered on shell feeding during a falling tide. They were gorging themselves on shrimp. There was little difference in the high and low tides but a falling tide was the ticket. So....falling tide, shell bottom, down current from major marsh drains and find the shrimp. Put all of this together and it was a recipe for success! If you want to experience a great weekend of fishing on the coast or in North Texas for yourself, give myself or Matt Scotch a shout!   - Joe Davis

Local Rivers-  7-29-15

We are experiencing some of the finest black bass fishing in the state right now and from the looks of it the fishing doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The bite has been strong on local rivers for some time now with   TX-rigs and jigs accounting for most fish. A recent outing with three anglers boated over 75 largemouth bass in a single day trip! Be sure to get in on the hot summertime action you won't regret it!     - Matt

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