Lone Star Kayak Guide

"Two guys just living the dream!"  - Joe Davis

Matthew Scotch and Joe Davis are both certified All Water Fishing Guides in the GREAT state of Texas. The two have been paddling and fishing the rivers, lakes, and coastal marshes of Texas their entire life.

Joe and Matt alike both grew up fishing and learned their ways and techniques from their fathers and grandfathers. Now they wish to pass on those years of experience and passion for kayak fishing to you!
It doesn't matter what species you want to chase, these guys are on it!

Joe Davis-  All of my 36 years have been spent living right here in Johnson County. Raised on bass fishing by my father, I was also lucky enough to have a grandfather with salt water running in his veins. From the slowly rolling Brazos River to the coastal marshes and bays I feel at home. There is just something about those magical few moments as the sun welcomes the day that draws me to the water. There is nothing like it. The moments just as you are getting on the water and the thoughts of what the day could bring....THAT is what I live for! In that moment, there is no stress or worry in the world only beauty to take in to prepare for that battle on the end of a bent rod and tight line!

Matthew Scotch -   Born and raised here in Texas I've been fortunate to fish just about everything that swims in our local waterways. A highly experienced in-shore and freshwater angler with decades of fishing experience for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, largemouth bass, crappie, catfish, sandbass, smallmouth bass, and striped bass. I can help the experienced fisherman learn new techniques or lake patterns. As well as help the beginner just getting started kayak fishing.
I've spent the past ten years of my life in some of the finest country clubs and restaurants in the state of Texas. As a professionally trained French chef I can guarantee your days catch will never taste better than when specially prepared by myself.

 “From the days of my early childhood to now nothing has captivated my imagination and made me happier than being in the outdoors, and it is this passion for the wild side of things that I’m looking forward to sharing with every single one of our clients.”   - Matt Scotch